Ron Anderson - Seattle

Thank you for info on the JU-88. I live near Seattle. Paul Allen Co-founder of Microsoft has a Flighting Museum in Everett and has a FW-190, Fw- 190D & a BF -109 and a Storch. They fly them in the Summer so I have watched them  fly. I will send some Photo of his Planes Flying. I see that the Spinners are damaged and Props missing on the Ju-88. Can it be repaired?. What will the outside of the aircraft look like after finished, A complete airframe? I have toured Norway by Train and my touring bike 25 years ago.Flew into Stavanger from Scotland. Norway is a wonderful place to travel.We enjoyed Oslo & Bergen so much & the Fjords. My Brother was a Pilot in the RCMP in the Yukon and Northwest Territories in Inuvik, also near the Polar Circle !My Grandfather Joel came from Sweden to Canada about 1890..I will sen you photo’s of my brother Staff Sergeant G. Anderson and Aircraft in Northern Canada.

Ron Anderson

27. oktober 2014

Før muspila over bildene. Får du opp ei hand, klikk så blir bildet større.

B-25 @ Paul Allen's Museum

John May WW11 Air Force Vet  91 Years old .His Brother flew B-25’s but he did not see one till he was 91. He was around B-17’s & B-24’s

Heritage Flying Museum FW-190


WW II airplanes

This is in Whitehorse the Yukon. Oliver was older than my Brother at the time (32 Years old) my Brother was 30 years old.


Hi Arvid! Gerry is on left side in current RCMP uniform the lady is a Judge & the other is of The uniform of the NWMP in the late 1880’s

Over: Gerry and his family.

Right: Gerry flying Twin Otter over Yukon