The Artic Beauty

The Arctic beauty.

December 8th. The Norwegian Aviation Museum received the fuselage of Ju88 D-1 W.No.1203 (4N+EH) from Hungary. The project is a joint project between the Deutsches Teknikmuseum, Berlin and the Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bodø.

The Ju88 was one of two recovered from the Mehamn area to the far north of Norway 2001, and was shipped to the Karl Birczak restoration facilitiy in Hereg, Hungary February 2004. Here it has been used as pattern for the rebuild of the DTMB`s own Ju88 G-1, still in Hungary.

 After use, the fuselage of W.No. 1203 was then reassembled, repaired and returned to Norway. The task of restoring and installing all the internal details has already begun at NAM, Bodø.

The official hand-over ceremony was held January 17th. at Bodø where representatives from DTMB and the workshop were present. The project of rebuilding the rest of the airplane is continuing at Hereg. Here the tail planes are to be rebuilt as the next step on the way to a complete airplane. The rebuild of the wings are still to be negotiated.


As a part of the total project, an agreement with the Wings Museum at Redhill, England on the restoration on one of the two Jumo 211 engines for W.No. 1203 has been reached. Already the engine was shipped to Redhill beginning of January.

The restoration of the internal details of the fuselage is expected to last two years depending on manpower and money. This job is to be undertaken by volunteers from the Bodø Aviation Historical Society (BAHS). Because the agreement on the rebuild of the wings is not reached yet, no exact date can be set for the finishing of the total project.

The fuselage of the W.No. 1203 is rebuilt to the highest standards, and the NAM, Bodø is very satisfied with the quality of the work.