Britten-Norman BN-2A-21 Islander LN-MAF




 21. oktober 2014


Will speak to the other BNAPS Trustees about the Islander parts you need and get back to you.
Thought you might like the attached photos of our Islander after the fuselage was painted last week,
will keep in touch,
Best regards,

Bilder og tekst fra Bob Wealthy Solent Aeromarine Enterprises.

 25. nov. 2013     

Engelskmannene vi har vært i kontakt med er tydeligvis allerede opptatt av det kommende Islander-prosjektet vårt:

I would like to include an item about your project to restore LN-MAF in our next BNAPS News issue in January 2014 if that is OK.

We will be pleased to help in any way we can with your restoration project. If you pass any questions to me I will take these up with members of our restoration team. Also I have a comprehensive collection of Islander documents of my own. We may have some surplus parts here as well.
Regarding documentation, our engineering team manager believes that the Norwegian CAA should have some of the B-N documents on file.


 - if you have contacts there it would be worth a try. It looks as though only about 10 Islanders were ever operated in Norway from around 1975 to the present.
If you can send us your missing parts list when it is available we will see what we can do.

Just one question LN-MAF was reported as "Written Off" as a result of an accident in 1983 - was this a heavy landing that overstressed the airframe?
Look forward to hearing from you,
Best regards,

Bob Wealthy Solent Aeromarine Enterprises


23.nov 2013    
Birger har vært i kontakt med en gruppe i England som restaurerer Islander:     

 Dear Sirs/Ms!

 The Norwegian Aviation Museum at Bodø has just traded an Britten-Norman Islander (LN-MAF) (Formerly Norwings AS) from the Museum at Sola, Stavanger.

Our goal is to restore the aircraft to static display quality. However as it  seems, some parts are missing and we will concentrate to first complete the aircraft structurally.

To do this in a proper way we will be in need of parts catalogs as well as contacts to help us in completing the aircraft.

Since you already have been restoring your Islander for some time and have maybe vital contacts where to find parts, I hope you can help us along the way!

This coming months we will make a listing of missing parts and we will of course concentrate on structural parts first.


Good morning Birger

Many thanks for your e mail. I feel sure we can help you. Will be looking at what we can do with my fellow trustees and get back to you at the weekend.
I have attached our November 2013 issue of BNAPS News. Back issues of BNAPS News and information about BNAPS can be found here:

  If you are agreeable I would like to include an item about your Islander LN-MAF in our next BNAPS News due out in January 2014.
Good to hear about your project,



Thank you so much for your fast answer!

I would be very thankful for all help and support in regards of our restoration of LN-MAF.

Looking through the history of this Islander I find that it was registered G-BCZS before going on Norwegian register. If pictures can be found of the Islander with this registration I would be very thankful for having one (or two). I am also in process of receiving additional pictures from its time in Norwing AS. for our museum newsbreak.

The Islander is now on its way from the Sola Museum to Bodø and will not arrive until next week so it is really no hurry.

For your newsletter I can supply pictures of LN-MAF as it was at Sola two weeks ago and also upon arriving to Bodø (next week). I can also supply pictures from its time in Norwings AS.





23. nov 2013     

Det er ikke alle trailersjåfører som sender rapport om hvordan det går med transporten. Stefan er et unntak, og skal ha hjertelig takk.


Såhär blev bilderna jag tog på vår lastning igår.
Jag står vid Larvik & väntar på besked om jag ska köra till Bodö eller om jag ska ställa trailern på tåget i Oslo.
Ha en bra dag.
Med vänlig hälsning Stefan




8. nov 2013     

 Islanderen pakket og klar for transport til Bodø.

Denne uken var Ivan Kristiansen og jeg selv nede på Sola og pakket og klargjorde Islanderen (Norwings) for transport til Bodø. Dette er et ledd i en byttehandel mellom våre to museer. I Bodø ligger to flotører til Norseman klar for å bli tatt med til Sola som returlast.

Gordon Bore fra Sola-museet hadde allerede gjort et stort arbeid med å samle alle delene til flyet på ett sted slik at vi skulle slippe å bruke tid på dette.

I løpet av tre dager var jobben gjort og flyet står nå klart for transporten oppover. Sannsynligvis vil det kun være nødvendig med en laaaang trailer til dette. (Vingen er i ett stykke og nesten 14 meter lang.)

En STOR takk til Gordon for all hjelp og støtte. Som alltid så er det virkelig hyggelig å besøke dere der nede


The Islander ready for transport to Bodø.

 This week Ivan Kristiansen and myself was down to Sola to make the Britten-Norman Islander (Formerly Norwings) ready for transport. This is part of a trade between our two museums.

At sola, Gordon Bore already had collected all the parts for the Islander at one spot. This helped us a lot!

In a period of three days we had everything ready for transport. As it seems, only one loooooong trailer will be needed for the transport. (The wing is in one piece and almost 14 meter in length.)

 A great THANK YOU to Gordon for all support! As always, visiting the Sola Museum is a really nice experience!